Yet another boom seems to be upon us and news headlines are being dominated by Bitcoin. Ever since a steep crash in May, $BTC has managed to not only recover its losses but rise to new heights. This has come despite repressive measures by several state governments, providing real evidenceRead More →

There is little doubt, even in the minds of the most sceptical analysts, that China is already up there as one of the most powerful economic forces on the planet. Just as most of the latter half of the twentieth century was shaped by the competition between the United StatesRead More →

They say that in the market, you buy the hype and sell the reality. Cardano (ADA) is finding that out the hard way. A month ago, Cardano touched an all-time high at just over $3, propelled by news of its Alonzo hard fork that launched Plutus-powered smart contracts. It wasRead More →

If recent reports are to be believed, US president Joe Biden is considering an executive order widening the scope of oversight over cryptocurrency holdings in the US. This is as part of his administration recently taking multiple steps to tighten regulations on cryptocurrencies.  The new executive order would reportedly seeRead More →