Fruits (FRTS) airdrop


The Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project has finalized their schedule to implement their DeFi features! The DeFi features will be added to the Fruits Wallet on the next update! More information will on the DeFi features will be released at the launch.

To celebrate this implementation of the DeFi features, they are giving away a total of $200,000 worth of FRTS out of the $1,000,000 for their Phase 2 Giveaway!🚀

The airdrop will be divided into 4 phases.
🗓Phase 2 Period: October 5, 2021 ~ October 31, 2021

💵Total Reward: 200,000 USD worth of FRTS
・1st Prize: 100,000 USD worth of FRTS x 1 Person
・2nd Prize: 50,000 USD worth of FRTS x 1 Person
・3rd Prize: 100 USD worth of FRTS x 500 People

To participate, visit:

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