Why Electra Protocol (XEP) might be the next big altcoin

Crypto investors are always on the lookout for the next big altcoin. Investors who put money in Ethereum and Cardano early on are now laughing all the way to bank. Their success stories have shown that getting in on the act early on is key when it comes to making a fortune off cryptocurrencies.

Over the last year, many potential candidates for the next big altcoin have come up, among them a plethora of meme-coins. Doge was boosted thanks to some relentless lobbying by Elon Musk, but seems to have hit a plateau. Safemoon created quite a flutter early on with some impressive gains but seems to have retreated back into obscurity, possibly never to rise again. 

Seasoned investors will tell you that meme-coins aren’t the way to go. The number one rule of investing in cryptocurrencies is that you should never invest in the hype. Invest in something tangible — a new blockchain, a cryptocurrency useful in a payment grid. 

But the problem is identifying such cryptocurrencies. The likes of Zilliqa and Harmony One are useful investments but at one and two cents respectively, it’s unlikely they’ll ever see 100x gains. That is where Electra Protocol (XEP) might just be the next big thing in the crypto world.

Electra Protocol (XEP) claims to be a decentralized, proof-of-stake cryptocurrency project that is fast, secure, and eco-friendly. Its developers tout it to be the cryptocurrency that will circulate within its ElectraPay global payment system, something that, according to the makers, is 95 percent complete. So far, the makers have delivered on their promises with an easy-to-use mobile wallet and a desktop wallet that offers users the option of staking their coins.

The last month was big for XEP with Binance Research publishing analysis on the coin, often a precursor to listing the coin on the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. Then XEP launched a wrapped token on Binance Smart Chain, enabling people to invest in the project more easily. It is no wonder that XEP has seen credible gains over the last month.

Of course, as is the case with any emerging cryptocurrency project, investing in XEP has its own risks. But so far, the people behind the project have delivered on the complex tasks that they set themselves. A listing on Binance might see XEP, currently at just over $0.001 increase in value multiple times. This might just be a good time to bet some money on it.

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  1. Bullish news on Electra Protocol! Thank you for putting this information out there. Big moves for this company along with Evoblox.io

    $XEP Prepare for liftoff

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